Valid credit card details are required to secure your booking. For full rate bookings, no money will be charged against your credit card at the time the booking is made. Costs incurred from breaches of the cancellation policy will be charged to this credit card.

Payment for all accommodation and any other costs incurred must be made in full on or before the day of departure (if not prepaid). Overdue and recovery charges may be made if your account is not paid on time.

Guests who have not provided a valid credit card may be required to prepay their accommodation and provide a cash bond at the time of check-in.

Special Promotions Payment Policy

Where prepayment for accommodation is required as part of a special deal or promotion, the payment will be charged against the credit card provided for the booking at the time the booking is confirmed. This money is non-refundable as per the terms of the promotion.



Smoking is not permitted in our units and all indoor guest areas. For those who wish to smoke, ashtrays have been provided outside. Please leave your unit door and window shut while you smoke to ensure no smoke enters the unit. If smoke is detected in a unit there will be a charge of up to one night’s accommodation in order to return the unit to its non-smoking status.



Cancellations of bookings for 1 to 5 units require 48 hours notice to incur no charges.

Cancellations of less than 48 hours notice may result in one nights accommodation being charged.

Cancellation of group bookings with 5 units or more require 14 days notice to incur no charges; thereafter the deposit may be retained or one nights accommodation charged for the booking.

Failure to arrive for the booking may result in one nights’ accommodation being charged.